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About This Event


Monitoring how students and faculty engage with the community through curricular experiences is important for academic programs committed to ensuring positive outcomes for communities, student learning and success, and faculty/staff recognition and vitality.  Academic programs often lack the capacity to monitor this information comprehensively for their own units, much less link it to comparative data from across campus to demonstrate our campus’ commitment to community engagement. 

In this session, join colleagues from the Center for Service and Learning to learn about one mechanism, the annual Service Learning Course Inventory, which is available to academic units to record and utilize this information.

Topics covered in this session:

  • Description of the types of data collected through the current SL Inventory

  • Timeline for the 2013-14 data collection

  • Demonstration of the online collection process

  • Value of the SL Inventory data above and beyond that supplied by the Registrar and the Faculty Annual Report (e.g., professional/graduate/undergraduate experiences)

  • Illustrative case studies of how data collected via the annual campus-wide Service Learning Course Inventory can support efforts to study and improve the quality and organization of service learning and related community-based learning experiences (e.g. curriculum planning, instructional design and outcomes assessment).

  • Opportunity for participants to inform the process and offer feedback on key questions they would like to answer about teaching and learning in and with communities that could be considered for inclusion as the campus continues to revise its processes.


Following this session, participants will be provided with an electronic copy of school specific data drawn from the 12-13 inventory as well as a spotlight report illustrating the potential for advanced uses of the Inventory data.

Who should attend: 

Faculty administrators, program directors, course coordinators, instructors, those with an interest in documenting community-based teaching practices and community partnerships.

How to Register:

2/24 Session - CLICK HERE.

2/26 Session - CLICK HERE. 

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