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About: The International Association for Research on Service-learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE) is one of the premier scholarly organizations devoted to the study of civic and community engagement in higher education. The Association is actively seeking feedback from current and recent members/ member institutions to inform the future direction and scope of the organization's work/advocacy using an online town hall format.

At its 2013 retreat, the IARSLCE board of directors discussed questions regarding the Association's place and role in the field of community engagement. Given changes since the Association's founding, the members felt it might be timely and clarifying for IARSLCE to issue a statement reaffirming its commitment to a number of basic principles. For discussion, the board has drafted a reaffirmation statement as a public document for the consideration of the IARSLCE membership. Based on comments and suggestions gathered at town hall meetings, this statement will be revised and guide the conduct of IARSLCE, including the work welcomed for future programs of its annual research conference.

Please review the reaffirmation statement, which can be found here.

Audiences: Faculty or staff engaged in service-learning and community engagement research.

Note:  If you cannot attend the conference call hosted in the Center for Service and Learning, but wish to participate, you can do so remotely from your office.  Just contact the Center for Service and Learning for more information (see below).

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