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About This Event


The CEH V7 teaches those concerned about the security and integrity of their networks infrastructure by learning to enhance your networks defenses. You will begin with perimeter defene work, then by scanning, you will learn how intruders operate and the steps you can take to secure a system.


In the interactive, lab-filled environment of this ethical hacking course, you will gain in-depth knowledge and practical experience with current, essential security systems. You will explore common ethical hacking topics, such as intrusion detection, policy creation, social engineering, DDoS attacks. buffer overflows and more. In addition to learning how to scan, test, hack and secure a system, you’ll prepare for the latest Certified Ethical Hacker exam from EC-Council.


Highlights include: * A DVD packed with the latest hacking and security tools and more than 1000 minutes of videos demonstrating hacking techniques. * Diagrams of concepts and attacks for clarity and easier interpretation * Key industry-standard tools covered in detail * Exclusive section for countermeasures against different attacks * Time dedicated to penetration testing * Results-orientated, descriptive and analytical lab manual


NOTE: This class uses isolated systems and virtual networks

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