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About This Event


Herron School of Art and Design will host Indy Collects in the Robert B. Berkshire, Eleanor Prest Reese and Dorit and Gerald Paul Galleries beginning with an opening reception from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on June 15 and continuing through July 26.


Forty-plus contemporary works of art from the personal collections of Jeremy Efroymson, David and Julie Eskenazi, Sidney and Lois Eskenazi, Zeke and Linda Friedlander, Dorit and Gerald Paul, Steve and Livia Russell and Deborah Simon will be on display in Indy Collects.


Also opening is Finders and Seekers, which includes photographic works by John Krauss, Tom Mueller and Deborah Simon in the Marsh Gallery, along with an installation called How Green Was My Valley by Jeremy Efroymson in the Basile Gallery.


“It is a delight and a privilege to share the very special works in these exhibits with the public,” said Gallery Director Paula Katz, who curated the shows. 


“Indy Collects will include some fun facts and interesting historical information about collecting. The show is designed around quotes about art and collecting from artists, collectors and curators. For example: Paul Getty said, ‘My love of fine art increased—the more of it I saw, the more of it I wanted to see.’


“The exciting thing about this show is the variety of work and the different paths to collecting it,” Katz continued. “Some collectors focus on one medium, such as the Friedlanders, who collect glass. Or Jeremy Efroymson, who leans toward prints. We also have collectors such as David and Julie Eskenazi who use non-traditional channels such as eBay to obtain machine-age artifacts that once may have been functional objects now valued for their aesthetic qualities.


“Livia and Steve Russell collect across a variety of media, but are drawn to the cutting edge of contemporary art. Other collectors such as Debbie Simon and Lois and Sidney Eskenazi collect some artists in great depth and other artists to a lesser extent. In the case of Debbie Simon, soothing colors and figurative works dominate her collection. In contrast, Lois and Sidney Eskenazi's walls are punctuated by bold and brilliant colors, with many of the works leaning toward abstraction. Dorit and Gerald Paul have an eye toward variety. Many of their works we were fortunate to show last summer. This year, we show something different.


“The unifying themes to all these pieces are that collections can be built and lived with. Collecting can start at any level or price point. And that a collection can be anything you want it to be whether built on a medium, a time period or a particular artist,” said Katz.


The show will include work by Red Grooms (Russell); David Lynch, Yoko Ono and Frank Gehry (Efroymson);

Alexander Calder, Joan Miro and Keith Haring (Sid and Lois Eskenazi); Jasper Johns (Paul); George Tooker, Joyce Tremain and Holly Lane (Simon); and Richard Marquis and Harvey Littleton (Friedlander), to name a few.


“Herron is best described as both a professional school of art and design within a major urban research university and a cultural organization that serves the broader Indianapolis community,” said Herron’s Dean Valerie Eickmeier. “In the summer, Herron hosts a variety of community-focused exhibitions, such as Indy Collects and Finders and Seekers, in our galleries. These exhibits feature works of art either created by or collected by individuals who have a passion for art and have made it a central part of their lives regardless of their formal artistic training or professional pursuits.”

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