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About This Event


Evaluation with Logic Models

When: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 | 10:00 AM-12:00 PM

Where: UL 1116

Event Organizer: Jacqueline Singh



The use of logic models has grown in popularity in the last twenty years. Many grantors, government entities, not-for-profits, and organizations now encourage or require their use for planning, monitoring, and/or evaluating interventions. They are a visual method of presenting an idea. Done well, logic models can produce many benefits such as “buy-in” or agreement among diverse stakeholders, identify varying perspectives, clarify interventions to show what they do and how. Capturing the logic embedded within an intervention can clarify its design, support development of performance indicators, be used to understand how and why an intervention fails—or, identify what makes a successful intervention work. Among other things, logic models provide a framework to help structure a coherent evaluative approach, focus data collection and analysis, or write meaningful narrative reports.

This workshop is designed for individuals new to logic modeling and those who wish to refresh their knowledge and skills. It highlights different types of logic models and their use for a variety of purposes. Participants will engage in an activity to develop a logic model for an evaluation they may be working on—or, for one they might propose in the future.

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