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About This Event


Health Informatics Master Thesis Project Presentation

M.S. Student: Jordan Lambert

Title: The Significance of Medication Reconciliation


  • Dr. Josette Jones, Chair

  • Dr. Harry Laws

Abstract:  The medication reconciliation process is one of the most important processes incorporated in a patient’s admission and discharge process. This procedure can play a vital role in the quality of care that the patient receives during their stay at the healthcare facility and their ongoing treatment when they leave. This review helps to provide insight on the importance of this process and why it should be used, including financial reasoning. From here the report provides some suggested guidelines for the process along with potential barriers providers might face. A breakdown of responsibilities for physicians, nurses, and pharmacists are then laid out to show the importance of their role in the reconciliation process. Conclusions are drawn and a summary is given to provide an overall picture of this detailed and significant procedure.

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