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L'Industriale - (The Entrepreneur)

Forty-year-old Nicola inherits from his father a factory on the verge of bankruptcy. He lives in Turin, an industrial city that is feeling the economic crisis affecting the entire country. Strangled by debt, he decides to resolve the crisis without scruples -- just as the threatening financial institutions have done. Laura, his wife, is growing more and more distant, but he does nothing to bridge the gap that separates them. Instead, with his business and workers in turmoil, he begins to doubt her and follows her. But who really is holding one more secret?


The Italian Film Festival USA, now in its ninth year, has grown to 12 cities. The 2013 edition brings you the best line-up of recent Italian cinema with films from award-winning directors, as well as highlighting debut films from exciting new talent. This is your chance to see the latest and best in Italian film!


The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which declared 2013 to be the "Year of Italian Culture in the USA", has officially recognized the Italian Film Festival USA to be a participating event.

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