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About This Event


Health Informatics Master Student Thesis Project Presentation by Rupa Mitra, Health Informatics Master Student


  • Josette Jones, Ph.D.

  • Roland Gamache, Ph.D.

  • Mahesh Merchant, Ph.D.

Title: Improving Patient Safety by Identifying Barcode Medication Administration Errors

Abstract: Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA) system has become an intrinsic part of healthcare delivery. It is presumed that such systems will remove human errors from happening and thus make the medication administration a perfect process eliminating Adverse Events (AE) from happening due to medication administration. Various studies indicate that this expectation has not been perfected yet. Various errors have been reported from the use of BCMA systems. This study helps to see new information from Informatics perspective. The new information related to the common issues with implementation of BCMS systems are: BCMA system issues (hardware, software, and configuration), data inconsistency across systems (for example between eMAR and BCMA), and need for appropriate user training for nurses. It is suggested that these common issues be addressed upfront before the system is implemented. The recommendation is based on systematic study of research papers and also data from a research project at a Midwest Community Hospital.

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