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About This Event


Six Week/150 Mile Challenge to rediscover the joy, social and health benefits of bicycling. This challenge encourages byicyle riding at home, to run errands, or even commuting to work. 

Track: Your progress with installed cycling computer or choose the $25 start BGI gift card

Earn: Up to $30 in BGI gift cards for attending rides, clinics and finishing the program

Engage: In the optional "Autumn Colors" team contest for fun, fellowship and prizes

Cost: $29.99 with the potetntial to earn up to $90 in equipment, service, education and BGI gift cards. 

Finish: Earn a chance to win a $300 bike/BGI Gift Card

No Bike? Get 15% OFF any new bicycle at BGI 

Learn more and sign up by Friday. August 30th.    



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