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About This Event


Fireworks was built from the ground up for the creation of web graphics. This workshop is intended for anyone who wants to use Fireworks to create beautiful, editable graphics from scratch, intended for use on the web. This workshop also provides basic coverage of optimizing graphics for web distribution.

 The CS6 materials for this workshop are currently under development, but the CS5 version of these materials and exercise files are still available.

What you'll learn:            

    learn the difference between vector and bitmap graphics

    create art using vector paths, strokes, fills, and Fireworks Live Effects

    use the Pen Tool to draw vector shapes and lines

    bend text around paths

    use Fireworks' Live Filters, such as shadows, bevels, and textures

    use Fireworks' Layers panel to control which elements obscure other elements

    optimize and export graphics for use on the Web

What you need to know:

    use the mouse

    work with windows and menus

    save, copy, and organize documents in a Windows or Mac environment

If you don't have those skills, consider first taking the workshop:

    Windows: Basic Computing Skills

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