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About This Event


This workshop introduces a number of tools that will allow participants to develop what-if models or predict future trends in Excel. Discover how to analyze complex data by using one- and two-input data tables and Goal Seek. Participants will use the Scenario Manager, which makes automating what-if models easy by storing and comparing named scenarios. Summary reports will be generated to see the effects of these various combinations of input values.

What you'll learn:       

    create a simple array

    create one- and two-input tables

    use the Goal Seek tool

    create, modify, and recall scenarios using the Scenario Manager

    generate summary reports using the Scenario Manager

 What you need to know

    create and manage named ranges

    create formulas and functions

    work with table features

If you don't have those skills, consider first taking the workshop:

Excel 2013: Data Management

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