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About This Event


Cascade Server is Indiana University’s Web Content Management System (WCMS). Maintaining content in a WCMS doesn’t require any knowledge of web design languages or standards. Using Cascade Server, a site manager can put the power of editing content into the hands of content experts, and focus on maintaining the structural and visual aspects of a site.

Cascade Server: Site Managers is a two day, twelve hour workshop that will teach an experienced web designer everything they need to know to start creating a working site within Cascade Server.

Before coming to the training, a Site Manager should have an intimate working knowledge of their group’s website including a knowledge of at least XHTML, CSS, and transforming XML documents into XHTML using XSLT. Day one begins an in-depth look at the process of converting an existing web site into a Cascade Server site, beginning from nothing and finishing with a functional, albeit rough, site. Day two focuses on refining the site using Data Definitions, Workflows, multiple publishing configurations (PDF, HTML, XML, RTF, etc.), as well as setting up a site using pre-defined templates.

 This workshop is not intended for novice web designers as a deep understanding of XHTML, CSS, and XML use and syntax is expected of all participants. An understanding of the structure and the inner workings of your group’s existing web site is helpful, but not necessary.

What you'll learn :           

    create, edit, and publish content using the WCMS

    bring common assets into your site

    use XPath to navigate through an XML document

    transform XML data into an XHTML document within the WCMS

    learn strategies for applying XSLT and XML to a Cascade Server site

    create workflows to control a review process for web documents.

    convert a traditional site to a Cascade Server site

    learn the diverse vocabulary of Cascade Server

    create and manage Asset Factories, Data Definitions, Configuration Sets, Transports, Targets,          Destinations, Blocks, Users, Groups, Metadata Sets, and Publish Sets

    create and manage static assets such as images

    create PDF, Printable, and XML versions of pages

    understand user roles

    manage multiple users

    manage user groups

    create new site structures with the Managers' Tools interface

    create a site from pre-existing templates

What you need to know:

    design a web site using standards-compliant XHTML and CSS

    create and edit XML documents

    transform XML content using XSLT and XPath

    the organization and structure of your group's existing web site

    the business rules surrounding the publishing of content in your group's existing site

If you don't have those skills, consider first taking the workshop:

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