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About This Event


 A s campuses move to increase their offerings of high impact practices like service learning and community-engaged research, colleges and universities face a host of questions about the structure of faculty time and resources to support a range of outcomes for students, programs and communities.  Among the ethical and practical dilemmas confronting institutions of higher learning are those associated with part-time or contingent faculty.

The majority of all college faculty now work on part-time or full-time temporary contracts, and many lack sufficient access to the institutional support that is necessary for quality education. In many fields, the majority of adjuncts are no longer simply traditional "second career" or "teaching professionals" but rather trained academics who are encountering a starkly downsized tenure-track job market. 

At the same time that higher education has experienced an increase in the number of adjunct faculty, there has been a rise in civic engagement as core academic work – in teaching and learning, in scholarship, and in service.  M uch of this work has been focused on student civic learning and democratic engagement.

This installment of the “Virtual Think Tank” explores of some critical issues related to community engagement in higher education including:

  • how campuses can advance student civic learning and democratic engagement when a faculty majority lacks a full voice in campus governance and is treated as second class institutional citizens

  • how campuses sustain long-term relationships with formal obligations in community partnerships while not providing the institutional support for a majority of faculty

  • how faculty can pursue community engaged teaching and learning on public issues without the protections of academic freedom

  • how can campuses advance civic engagement without advancing the professional working conditions of faculty who do not have the rights and protections of tenure

Maria Maisto will discuss the trends faculty demographics and offer recommendations for campuses to support adjunct faculty in ways that create a faculty that provides excellence in teaching and learning and helps fulfill the civic purposes of higher education.

Presenter: Maria Maisto is a co-founder and the current president of New Faculty Majority: The National Coalition for Adjunct and Contingent Equity (NFM), a 501(c)6 nonprofit established in February 2009. NFM works to improve the quality of higher education by improving the working conditions of the majority of its faculty.


Audience:  All are welcome to attend.


Sponsors: IUPUI Center for Service & Learning, New England Resource Center for Higher Education (NERCHE)


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